Beef Curry


Curry Sauce, Beef, Onion, Fukujin zuke

Curry Rice


Curry Sauce, Rice, Fukujin Zuke

Gyu Don


Beef, Onion, Pickled Ginger

Katsu Curry


Pork Cutlet, Curry Sauce, Rice, Fukujin Zuke

Katsu Don


Pork Cutlet, Onion, Egg

Katsu Set


Pork Cutlet, Cabbage, Rice

Kitsune Udon


Soybean Curd, Fish Cake, Green Onion, Soup

Miso Ramen


Ramen Noodle, Slice Pork, Fish Cake, Green Onion, Sesame, and Bamboo Shoot

Niku Udon


Beef, Onion, Green Onion, Fish Cake, Green Onion, and Soup



Gingered Pork, Lettuce, Tomato, Rice